Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps and Compressors

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Contents / Characteristics / Liquid Compressant / Physical Caracteristics / Components / Problem and Solutions /Application Selection Criterien / Testing / Appendix Liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors are indispensable to a wide variety of industrial processes. This practical book tells plant and design engineers everything they need to know about these important machines and their many uses. Topics include types of liquid ring machines, delivery characteristics, construction sizes and components, testing regulations and test rigs, and fields of application. Engineers involved in design or supervision of process plants will find numerous applications for the principles in this volume. Liquid ring machines perform valuable functions in the areas of plastics, pharmaceuticals, sugar, paper, refining and textiles, bottling, power co-generation, and other processes. The author draws from years of experience designing industrial process plants and compiles data from many scattered sources to present this comprehensive and authoritative summery of current knowledge on liquid ring pumps and compressors.
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